Lemon bars

Check out these lemon bars and recipe that Stephanie made, they look scrumptious. Lemon bars are so summer-licious.. don't you think?

*On a side note, has anyone ever made Sweet potato cake? I'm looking for a tried and true recipe. We had some while we were traveling and upon consumption, it immediately became a new favorite. It is similar to carrot cake but a lot more moist.


Giustina said...

Those lemon bars look delicious. I've never heard of sweet potato cake... but I do enjoy making sweet potato french fries.

Jamie said...

oh yum! I'm looking for a sweet potato cake recipe too. There is a restaurant in the city I currently live in that has a killer SP cake and the rumor is that a sweet potato pie cake mix accidentally fell into a white cake batter and they baked it up. Please post about it if you find a good one. I have to move away (to Atlanta) and am afraid of going through withdrawals.

Tammy said...

I have never made sweet potato cake before, but thought I'd pass this along. I often use foodtv.com to find recipes, and have had amazingly excellent luck finding good recipes by reading the recipes AND, v. importantly, the reviews. One sweet potato cake that I pulled up is a recipe by Emerile (I've yet to make a bad recipe created by him). It got v. good reviews, but it sounds more like a pound cake than carrot cake texture. May want to take a look tho. btw, I read your blog daily, and I always enjoy it, and am often inspired by it.


Anonymous said...

those lemon bars DO look delicious... i make sweet potato pie all the time, as far cake goes though no, but i am definitely going to try.

http://carpeitem.blogspot.com/ said...

Summer plus lemon = happiness
Those bars look exquisite. Thanks for sharing.
I have a sweet potato pie by Elvis if you´r interested

SeƱorita Puri said...

in larsvonstrier.blogspot.com i got a recipe for the same dessert, though the lemon on top is a thick delicious cream

Good luck with it! ,-)


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