My Net Diary vs. Calorie King

When my husband and I had treo and blackberry phones we loved using Calorie King as a means of effectively tracking our health progress.

In a nutshell our plan entailed,
1 - finding out what our weight, bmi, and health desires were.
2 - choosing how many calories and nutrients our body needs.
3- using Calorie King's food database to electronically track our progress and consumption.

After we both got new phones, we were bummed to find out that although you can use their online software, Calorie King doesn't jive with the iPhone. We inquired after their intentions, and they wrote back stating that they did not have any current plans to write software for the iPhone platform. Boo.

After that sad news, my husband kept searching for viable solutions and most often would come up with nada. That was until a few days ago -- we are now happy to say hello to My Net Diary. I believe it has only been out a few days for the iPhone, but I used it yesterday and it is quite a remarkable little program. It has a large food database as well as the ability to input exercise, water intake, custom foods as well as nifty little tracking charts. Yay!

With the gazillion dollar health and fitness industry, there are lots of excellent ways to track your health progress, we have just found that this way works for us. Basically this method is all about knowing and tracking what you consume -- calories in and calories out.

In summary, if you use a palm based phone CalorieKing is a great solution. For the iPhone, MyNetDiary is the only comparable solution we have found. If you don't have either of those types of phones or a phone at all, both of these companies also have online memberships.

What makes you feel healthy and fit? Is there a goal and tracking solution that works best for you? I would really love to hear about it.

(image from Real Simple)


I *Heart* You said...

very cool!!

and that smoothie looks like it is going to be delicious. great image.

bakingwithplath said...

I try to keep a food diary of what I eat but I forget a lot. I have the iphone so I will have to check this out! That would be way easier and much more convenient than keeping track of it on paper.

Ana Carini said...

Hi there~ It sounds to me you (and your hubby) are JUST like my husband and I.
We are always trying to find the next big smoothie :) So healthy and so good for you, isnt? It feels great~ I love it!

nicole said...

i use & love it. it's great on the iphone too.

Nicole Block said...

i used to use and loved it. really, it was the best that i had come across. i don't use it anymore, but i'd go back in a heartbeat if it became necessary.

Jessica said...

I don't count calories like I used to. I find that if I just plan ahead more, then I don't worry as much about it. I have a general plan for my weekday breakfasts and lunches that I don't sway from too much. Then I try to make good dinner choices, which I'm frequently cooking myself so it makes it easier. I don't always have the most exciting meals, but it's nice to not have to worry when my stomach starts to grumble.

ladybake said...

I love calorie king. It's great for helping me stay on track. It's hard though for someone who likes to cook because it only has commercial food items. After I plotted out what I was eating I realized I eat about 75% carbs...eek! It's a nice way to reflect on the sum and impact of your daily decisions.

Pink Peony said...

Diet1 is also great.

Richard said...

I have a new iphone and really like My Net Diary; however, for Windows Mobile users out there, check out Weight-by-Date. I used for for a couple of years on my smartphone and it was really easy to use also.

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