the Ting Tings

You've probably heard this song on an itunes commerical... but did you know it was the band, the Ting Tings?... I didn't until my musically connected brother emailed me about them. Check out their smooth video here, and this other bright video too, both done by Factory Films. Nothing like good old-fashioned revamped pop sounds for the rest of the summer.


Jane said...

didn't know it was an ipod commercial song - but i heard it on the radio here a couple of weeks ago and bought it all the same. lots of fun to listen to ..... i also have "great dj" thanks to september vanity fair.

danielle said...

oohh I love the Ting Tings!

she planted a tree said...

Ahhh!! I almost went to their concert but they were playing on sunday. with mgmt. good stuff.

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