Artists I love -- by guest Erin Jang

Spencer Finch

At first glance, his installation art just looks like beautiful abstract art. But you start reading about the meticulous documentation, process and scientific method behind each piece and you begin to see how smart and involved his work is. His work has probably stuck with me the most out of all the artwork I've seen this year.

"Sky (Over Coney Island, November 26th, 2004, 12:47 p.m. Southwest view over the Cyclone.)" - Finch tried to precisely match the color of the clouds over Coney Island by inflating violet balloons inside cobalt helium balloons.

"CIE 529/ 418 (Candlelight)" - stained-glass window panes try to match the RGB colors picked up from candlelight measured eight inches away.

"Sunlight in an Empty Room (Passing Cloud for Emily Dickinson)" - made of 100 fluorescent lights, blue plastic filters, and clothespins.

Maira Kalman

I wish I were Maira Kalman in another life. Her work is so inspiring. It is part diary, part sketchbook, part observation. She can paint a radiator or a found scrap of paper in gouache and give it personality. She illustrated an update to Strunk and White's classic, "The Elements of Style" and it is so beautiful. Her small paintings on paper were on exhibit in a gallery in Chelsea this year and I was so happy to see the original artwork.

Uta Barth

In college I bought an art book on Uta Barth at a used bookstore and fell in love with her photography. Some people may say they are unimpressed by the simplicity of her work. But I am overwhelmed by the eye she has for that perfect color, that certain mood and lighting in her photos.

Robin Rhode

He's a young South African artist who mixes street graffiti with performance, and his video art is something you have to see in person to really appreciate.

Morris Louis

Everytime I see his work (this year, in NY and DC), I'm mesmerized by his large, stained canvases.

Who are some of your favorite artists you've seen in galleries this year?


P said...

I feel the same way about Maira Kalman. She has such a wonderful spirit - I admire her tremendously.

KATLIN said...

Wow, Spencer Finch's use of color and how he creates it is amazing! I thought those balloons looked unusual and now I know why! His work is amazing... I want to live in that stained glass room because the light is so amazing!

lucy said...

tim hawkinson blew me away.
These are amazing too.

Mary said...

Wow...I love this post. Gorgeous art work. I particularly love Spencer Finch. Thanks so much for sharing this!

littlebrownpen said...

I am a writer and the Illustrated Elements of Style is one of my favorite books. It's simply stunning. Great picks!

Stephanie said...

I just saw and exhibit featuring Robin Rhode - those videos are AMAZING.

I also love the light animation work of Paul Chan.

Awesome picks!

Tammy said...

what great choices. thank you! this post inspired me today to look a little further in to a couple of these artists' work (a couple of them I already know & like).

Lori said...

We just purchased an oil painting by Patrick John Mills called "She is sunshine. She is love". I absolutely love his work.

she planted a tree said...

I Definitely love the Spencer Finch and Uta Barth. Very neat stuff.

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