Gateway Arts -- by guest Erin Jang

When I lived in Boston, I volunteered in the art studio of a little non-profit called Gateway Arts. It's a remarkable space where those with disabilities can come to learn how to express themselves through art, and create and sell their work. They have a gallery and store where the artwork is exhibited, and a studio where volunteers help teach painting, printmaking, weaving, and sculpture. Check out their online store here. The profits of what you buy go to the artist. My favorite cards in the shop are the ones above, "Trees" by Christina Taylor, and "Yes" by Yasmin Arshad.


"Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής" said...

nice post as always
have a nice weekend

Caroline said...

I love the yes one!

Tammy said...

thanks for this post. I went by the site and truly enjoyed much of the work I saw. I am ordering one of the v. cool mousepads that I saw.

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