My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who lost their homes and loved ones in nasty Hurricane Ike. I did not realize its full magnitude until today. May there be a speedy recovery for all those affected.

(image 1 by Mr. DMnt image 2 by Ciara Hammonds )


Tegan said...

Here, here. I second that.
Living in Australia, we have had a few live video streams of the extent of damage amd the catastropic effects of Ike, and I cannot even contemplate the fear it is causing and the destruction to homes and building, and people's lives is unbelievable and saddening.
My hopes and wishes are with all who have been or are affected.

Leslie said...

thanks for your thoughts for the texas folks. we have our friends from houston staying with us for a few days. they have no power and many of our friends have significant damage. their lives have been turned upside down, needless to say.

Courtney said...

thank you thank you for the good thoughts sent our way! keep praying for this gorgeous weather to last...not too shabby being without power when it's a cool 68 degrees outside!

Ciara Hammonds said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts for us Texans.
I don't mind my picture being used but would appreciate it if you would link it back to me. And send me a link so that I know how it is being used.
Thank you

Rachel said...

Hi Ciara,

Thank you for leaving a comment, I originally properly linked to your photo, did you not see it? To further clarify I edited the post and added your full name. I believe people will be happy to see your talents at your flickr. Thank you.

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