Nesting House Tour

I am dig, digging Ryan and Erin Wright's nesting house tour! All three of those chairs are on our 'chair wish list', and I love that photo wall too. See the interview and more shots here. (via Design Mom)


SimplyGrove said...

Yep, love this home!

Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer said...

I love the way they did the photos on that wall. I'm so weird about things having to line up on the wall, yet I'm drawn to that photo with them not in a perfect square. I might have to try something like that just to step out of my box :-D

BTW ... found you through google reader's "discover" feature. I think I'm going to like it here :-D

Stephanie said...

Rachel, I need to share with you my hookup on that last chair--the ones we have here. Next time we chat I'll dish :)

laura said...

I wish I could find that blue chair at a garage sale.

for like 10$

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