Thank you, I am inspired...

{The sky was gray and dreary, and left me feeling uninspired yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if certain times of the year (9/11) bring a little sadness. I ponder and am awed... humbled, by sacrifices that have been made all over the world to keep freedom and liberty abounding. Words come short in expressing my ultimate gratitude for those who given so much --- given it all. I remember ... and thank you.}

Thank you blogosphere for cheering me up.Thanks to Joslyn who shared this idea, that led me to this blog and these lovely stamped envelopes.

Thank you Joanna and Design Dig...for this Bea Szenfeld photography and styling treat.

Thanks to Small Souvenirs for sharing this Death Cab video that makes me want to travel even more. (O00h wanderlust)

and these photos she shared about a film called The Fall that has peeked my curiosity. Anyone seen it?

And thanks to Oh Joy for highlighting this sweet design studio.


sdg1844 said...

9/11 is hard. As a New Yorker, it is a strange and surreal feeling after all this time. It's still fresh as if it was yesterday. We are indeed blessed and lucky to be alive.

Jenn said...

I just saw 'The Fall' a couple nights ago and it was extremely beautiful and poetic, although I would recommend bringing some tissues.

Anonymous said...

The Fall is one of my favorite movies! It was directed by the same person who did The Cell, and all the colors are super saturated and beautiful. The story is a little sad, but I love it anyways.

Angella said...

"The Fall" equals a MUST SEE. After learning what I saw on the screen actually existed somewhere on the planet and wasn't some computer generated landscape, my love grew even more.

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