Tom Fruin,

I caught the work of Tom Fruin while watching this travel show about Brooklyn. His work is created with various rubbish he finds while out and about on the streets of New York City.

The above works happens to be constructed from used and discarded drug bags sewn together. What... what? It is an edgy and interesting concept about the fragments and traces left behind by our society. He somehow makes the raw side of socially unacceptable behavior look beautiful.

(images from Tom Fruin + here )

p.s. Leave it to Tom, please do not try this at home.


P said...

These are so beautiful. When I was a little kid growing up in New York in the early eighties, we used to collect empty crack viles because they had pretty, multi-colored caps. We had no idea what they were - can you imagine! PTA nightmare!

Megan said...

very cool

Anonymous said...

oh these are beautiful. thanks for the link!

Allie said...

totally awesome and gorgeous

Trenton Ulysses Rock said...

I went to UCSB with Tom Fruin..We all used to give him crap about his "worthless" College of Creative Studies degree..I guess he has the last laugh now!!

onĂ­rica said...

go c my patchwork!?

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