I'm sure the rice crackers are delicious, but the new packaging for Tokyo based Kakiyama is what would really entice me to buy them. Designed by GT & Canary. (via Lovely Package)


valerie said...

my brother is just back from japan and he brought some back! i too noticed the darling packaging (as most of the other items he brought back also were beautifully wrapped)

the rice crackers were ok, i especially liked the green tea flavored ones. (some of them were tasted like algea...a little surprising when expecting something sweet!)

simplesong said...

oooh, very pretty!

Mouse said...

very nice. also, i like rice crackers. but even if i didn't...

Anonymous said...

The Japanese always have amazing packaging and wrapping techniques(furoshiki). Another wonderful product - Royce chocolates. Delicious and very nicely packaged.

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