Details of the Wynn Part 2


In our room at the Wynn (which we got an amazing rate on - email me for details) I was especially taken by the Picasso artwork which was refreshingly different from most hotels ... and the gigantic bathroom with a 'lil flat panel in it was nice too.


The pool area was down right, incredible. There were areas that were more private, and spots that were more open, it didn't feel like other pool areas where you feel too overexposed walking around, it is very well designed with a nice layout. I liked it a lot.


More pattern details seen throughout the hotel. Tomorrow I will share some shots from the neighboring Encore hotel and then I will be done with sharing Vegas shots, phew.


Raven said...

The Wynn is gorgeous!!...however DID you get such amazing rates??

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Katrina Lynn said...

oh Mr. Wynn..... I've had mixed emotions about this place since it opened. Originally we had decided that it's official decor description was, "The King and I meets Alice in Wonderland.... on crack". ;) The suites and private areas are nice, Vegas grandeur.... I can't wait to see how Encore measures up!

Shorty said...

Wow...that looks amazing! I like Katrina Lynn's comment about the look "on crack." That pretty much sums up Vegas for me... an overdose on all kinds of stimulation that send some people way off into la la land! Nice place to visit, tho. Briefly.

RhiannonM said...

I liked the umbrella chandeliers in the casino/shop area the first time I visited the Wynn. I have never gotten the opportunity to stay there (yet) but have put it on my list of definites for the future. Thank you so much for sharing!

joanita said...

this is more interesting than to drive by that dang hotel everyday to work! thanks for sharing all the pics....:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The room is really quiet, relaxing, with its white and black. A nice contrast with the hall.

Allison aka HaselBride said...

We just moved to Vegas and I keep telling my husband the Wynn is where I want to stay at least once before we move. It is so over the top, but still gorgeous. I could walk around the lobby forever. How did you get such an amazing rate?

Laurie said...

Just got back from saying at Encore. Loved the room design and artwork, the bed linens were absolute heaven. The pool areas and details were impressive. Didn't have enough time to explore the Wynn as much as I would have liked to, but it's always good to leave a little something for next time, right?

Hope you're feeling better soon.

hirna said...

hey i love ur creativity in designing ur blog!! and all this images that u posted r just too amazing!!

Dana said...

Wynn is simply beautiful place!
I like the interiors. White looks awesome in both rooms the sitting area and the bedroom.

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