Meghan Mcneer

Meghan Mcneer
Meghan Mcneer
Meghan Mcneer

I am mesmerized by the mood of these photographs taken by Meghan Mcneer. She used a holga camera and as you can see on a few of these shots she overlayed the images by not advancing the film. She was kind enough to share a compositional tip on how to overlay photos.

"I tend to sometimes shoot larger shots like buildings or landscapes and then overlay them little things that you might not notice if you were rushing by - like the beautiful design of the sidewalk or some little flowers poking out by a fence.

Oooh... how cool is that? Now I am further inspired to finally get a Holga. Thanks for sharing Meghan. Be sure to check out the photographs prints you can get in her etsy shop.


pigeon.toed said...

i seriously love these! reminds me of my visits to europe.

Livy said...

I received the Diana camera that I had been eying as a present (yes, that minty green one from urban that is quickly becoming ubiquitous). I am so in love with the way it looks, and I have film for it but so far I've been too nervous to try it out! I must conquer my fear of buying and developing a whole roll of film only to find that none of the photos turned out good.

Caroline said...

What beauties! I love the idea layering photos.

Prêt à Voyager said...

so lovely, indeed.


Nutmegaroo said...

These are so beautiful! They just mesmerize me.

Jen said...

Ditto — wish I had a Holga camera. Would be fun — don't know if any photo of mine would turn out but still. Did you know lets you add a Holga effect on photos? Not the same as playing with the actual camera, but it is a fun effect.

Katie Ricky said...

These are so dreamy, I want to travel somewhere right now.

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