Unica Home

Along with DWR at the Town Square, we stopped at Unica Home while in Las Vegas thanks to a recommendation from a reader. If you are into design type stuff this is a great place to poke around. Are you familiar with their website?


C.J. said...

I love it so much. I wish I could go there. That is my kind of house. Nice find.

dedeth.ci detha said...

i think its good
and very nice.

Mouse said...

Love that elephant.

Alperun said...

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have a god day ;)

PTA Transit Authority said...

Congratutlations on being choosen a "Blog of Note"

N said...

That is a very diverse range all in one roof, I wish shops in europe were a bit more like that. The site is very good as well and features nice office furniture and garden stuff. That is one store I will find on my next trip to the States.

Very nice Blog !

Anonymous said...

Its amazing. Very wonderful interior designing.olympic reporting

Heather said...

Thanks for the link! The photos look tempting!

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