Big Fish

I want to give props to the firm who designed the (previously mentioned) Dorset Cereals. They are Big Fish and as you can tell from their work below ... they are amazing.
Big Fish, Dorset Cereal
Dorset has another trick up their sleeve. What a clever idea for kid's cereal boxes, letting them transform the box into little craft project kits.
Big Fish, Belvoir Fruit Farms
I've been wondering who designed these fanciful Belvoir Fruit Farms typographic labels?

Big Fish,Gü ice cream

Luxurious Gü ice cream that looks like this? Yes please, and how cute is their little stand?
Big Fish, Brora
Brora Scottish Cashmere, the color combination and photos are just lovely.

On a side note... over at Dorset Cereals, I was nominated for a little blog award. I don't usually do this, but if you live in the UK would you mind voting? By voting you could win some yummy cereal. Click button below.

Dorset Cereals little awards


Becky said...

I know what you mean about the bottles. I bought the Elderflower bottle for a party soley because of the way the label looked...

enuwy said...

I too, would love to know who did the calligraphy for the Belvoir bottles!

Anonymous said...

Those containers make the food look delicious!

La Vie est Belle said...

Oh, those GU desserts are so yummy! They sell them at the grocery store here. One of my favorites was a blueberry cheesecake-yum!

Baby K said...

Yay! A chance for me to finally make use of my UK home! I have cast my vote for you : )

Pigtown-Design said...

Despite its name, Gu is delish!!! Especially the chocolate. OMG!

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