Favorites of the Season by guest Rachel McGinn

The weather here in Philadelphia has been unseasonly warm. It has been 87 for the last 4 days! Days like these I rummage through the summer bins I stacked away last September and realize I am in desperate need of warm weather clothing. Of course I always buy for the kids first! Here are a few of my favorites for this season.

For me- Kate Spade Bloomington Daisy Top but I think Kate Spade should be a hot spot right??

For the girls- Melodie dress with anchor by Pears and Bears.

Some websites I buy from, others I visit for the photography. One of my favorites is Flora and Henri.

They have a new table linen line! This is my dream breakfast. So simple and sophisticated. I'd like to actually sit for a meal one of these days!

I came across the wildly talented photographer Stephanie Rausser while reading about Flora and Henri. She used to shoot the adorable catalog I can never throw away. I go back to it every now and again for inspiration before a kids shoot.


RhiannonM said...

I was totally the little girl with two popcicles. Adorable. : )

lee said...

So sparkly and fun pictures!! Love it!

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