Beautiful DIY Bridesmaid Ideas

Gorgeous... gorgeous ideas!! Click on the links to see more details and guides of how to DIY.

1: Bridesmaids Cards by Anna of Rifle Design
2: Bridesmaid Guide by Livy of A Field Journal


Anonymous said...

just adorable. i loove it!

please take a sec to stop by my blog! would love for you to vote for team boo... come and see. thanks!

AlliJean said...

ooo save save save! I'm all over idea #1.

cecile /detour2mode said...

love it, it's so lovely, i would love one!

jamieofalltrades said...

Love the bridesmaid ideas. Another cute one would be cut our those paper dolls that are attached together and write a word on each one asking to be a maid. Maybe even have the same number of dolls for the number of maids you'll have.

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