School Supplies

I am starting to get excited about school supplies, has anyone ever really received a bouquet of pencils? What a lovely gift.

1: Pixel Pencils $10
2: Acrylic Tape Dispenser $13.99
3: Alphabet paperclips $25
4: Jet calculator $25
5: Graphing Pad $1.75


Cookie Cutter said...

It doesn't matter that I'm out of school. I want all of these!

Miss Mary said...

Aw, a bouquet of pencils! I love You've Got Mail! That really would be a lovely gift, especially these cute pencils. And I love your blog too! Such great eye candy and fun ideas. I love to see what has been posted throughout the day!

Lauren From Texas said...

You've Got Mail is the greatest movie ever, and I still love school supplies!

meredith said...

I think I've just been inspired to give real pencil bouquets to my college friends come September! I actually just started a little blog of my own, so if anyone could have a look and leave a comment/feedback, I would really appreciate it!

rachel said...

Ooh, love all these!

Lisa Rupp said...

love love love those pencils!

Annie said...

I love You've Got Mail, and my senior year of high school, my brother gave me a bouquet of sharpened pencils... I know, how sweet is that?

That being said, how much do these school supplies make me want to load up a backpack and head back to school?

jamie said...

absolutely lovely

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