Renegade Handmade

Renegade Handmade
Renegade Handmade

While in Chicago we stopped in the shop Renegade Handmade. Unfortunately we missed the craft fair by a few days, big bummer -- but it was neat to walk into a place exclusively catered to unique, artistic and creative handmade items. One regret I have is not stopping to talk to the magnificent artists in the front, I was so focused on quickly perusing the shop while my husband was watching our busy toddler that I didn't realize what they were doing, and who they were until I left the shop. (Have you ever had a moment like that?) Remember Chad Kouri's work I mentioned here? Well -- I believe that is him and Jesse Brown in the photo above, so ... "hello Chad and Jesse, nice to meet you" if you are reading this. Have you been to the craft fair before in the various cities across the U.S.? Tell me all about it... and isn't their work great?

Chad Kouri
Print and collage above by Chad Kouri.

Jesse Brown
Work above by Jesse Brown who also worked on this amazing Mykonos video.


bri. said...

i went a few months ago in LA. i loveeee the craft fair. i am like a kid in a candy store. i cant get enough. i have to go alone or with an equally obsessed crafter, or else i feel rushed and stressed.


Margot Harrington said...

This is rad, Rachel! I actually noticed your email on Renegade's email list at some point during the week when I was helping Chad & Jesse set up. I was like, I wonder if it's the same Black Eiffel I read?? And here you are. Small. Frickin. Internet. You also JUST missed Rand Renfrow who was in that day too. Weirdoland.

Cheers! I'm know the guys will be THRILLED with your write-up.

i'm jefra... said...

SO jealous! i wanted to go so badly.

seesaw designs said...

this is on my list of must-go's next time in in Chicago!

Chad Kouri said...

Nice to meet you too Rachel! ha... really appreciate the love. I believe this was Jesse's first run-in with Renegade craft fair but I have done the past few here in Chicago with the post family ( and been out in NYC for Brooklyn renegade. It was great! Renegade is by fair the best craft fair in the nation. Thanks again for the kind words and I hope we cross paths again real soon!

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