Constellation Inspiration

They have been out for a bit, but have you checked out the new photos from the Hubble? Wow -- they are surreal and bring space to life more than ever! I wanted to share them with you in case you missed them. See images and more here and here.

Pondering the universe, brought on the idea of doing a sparkly constellation / cosmic roundup. Is a constellation trend alive? Thoughts? My favorite twinkle looks have to be the pattern from the above skirt and these sparkly shoes. I am also curious about the tights below, would you wear them? I also love how this theme shows up in Blue Pool Road's birthday cards and Miniature Rhino's needlework.

(Set 1 : Anthropologie / Jcrew / Cybele Set 2 : Miniature Rhino / Blue Pool Road / Bird )


HereBeDragons said...

I love those space photos. They seem so unreal!

seesaw designs said...

we just did an event poster for our yoga client - with constellations! didn't realize there was a trend, but i like it.

unfortunately, could not pull off those tights... but they're rad.


melly said...

It really is a hot trend right now, one I want to embrace because it's actually cool. I saw this new Mociun skirt and fell in LOVE

Imagine walking around in that!

Nicole said...

Really love those birthday cards! I always like the idea of astrological signs, but it's tough to incorporate them without seeming very tarot card/palm reader-esque. Blue Pool Road has done it so nicely; I like the minimalism!

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