Man Shops Globe

Man Shops Globe

I am super excited (enter squeal of giddiness here) for this series called Man Shops Globe. Keith Johnson travels the world to find products and artists to create things for Anthropologie. dream job probably along with many of you. I hope to tune in tomorrow to the Sundance channel for the premier episode. What about you?

Next, they need a show about the inspiration and design of their beloved window displays.

(thanks to Seesaw Designs)


KT said...

I watched this on OnDemand the other night! He went to France looking for some BIG pieces for the stores. I had no idea that even the huge cabinets in Anthro were for sale. Now I'm going to have to start paying for the Sundance channel so I can watch the show :)

Sarah said...

This show looks awesome!

my coney said...

eeee thank you for sharing this INCREDIBLE news

molly ruth said...

Thanks for introducing me to this show! I watched it on OnDemand last night and had wonderful dreams about shopping for antiques in France with an unlimited budget. What a fabulous job he has!

krys kirkpatrick said...

And this is why I love blogs. This brings tears to my cooooooolllll!!!! I have run around telling our entire art department to watch this show. I love
Anthropology for their one of a kind vintage things and displays. They are the cool of cheap and creative display. Thank-you for sharing this!

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