Cute Kindle Commercial

I saw this commercial over the weekend and thought it was adorable. Although I will always treasure the smell and touch of a freshly bound book, I am thinking about asking for a Kindle for Christmas (not just because of the commercial). To those who have one, tell us your thoughts.

Clip Credits : Directed by Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths. Starring Annie Little who also sang the song "Fly Me Away" available on Amazon.


Terri Conrad said...

it's a wonderful manifestation of literature - makes me want a kindle! Ahh, job well done -

(who designed the ad, do you know?)


Jessica said...

that IS an adorable commercial, I love it!

Melee said...

I saw that ad! But I admit, what caught my attention was the background music so I didn't pay much attention to the visuals cause I was distracted wondering who the delightful singer was.
But now re-watching it, with full knowledge of the singer, I can enjoy it much better! :)

Joanna said...

Very cute indeed. But it hasn't swayed me to run out and get a Kindle; I'm still a paperback-book girl through and through.

Lindsey Michelle said...

Rachel, I posted about this commercial last week. I love it too! I don't have a kindle though and have no intentions of buying one (even though the commercial is so great). I like the tangible quality of books, actually turning the pages and bookmarking them.

Happy holidays,
{ Lindsey }

Never Yawn said...

I thought that was a cute commercial, too and a nice surprise from amazon. I'm also a book lover but my house is now overfull with books, and the kindle just made sense for me. Plus I live in Puerto Rico and the libraries have limited English selections...I absolutely love my kindle. I've discovered and read quite a few of the classics- the older books without copyrights are free! The kindle itself is very comfortable to read with. I will probably read the newspaper on it too, once my free wall street journal iPhone subscription runs out. Kindle is great for traveling, and you don't have to charge it very often. I really could go on and on. I do rotate real books into my rotation, but this helps me keep my book addiction under control. You should definitely get one!

Emily said...

I love this commercial! So sweet and beautifully made. Can you believe it's the winner of a commercial contest? The makers shot the whole thing in one 7 hour take and wrote their own music, too! Amazon really lucked out with these talented folks!


Jessica said...

I got my husband a Kindle for his birthday last June. He loves it! We're in London and he has an hour-long tube ride every morning so it's been his sole source of sanity for his long morning journeys.

alison richards said...

sorry to be the negative one, but this stop motion style ad is so overdone... there's the video clip by oren lavie - animated in bed, the target ad (shown here in australia) and others. i can't watch it without thinking of these and so, while its cute, it doesnt really register.
there are so many things that can be done with stop motion that i wish the directors would explore the options a bit more rather than doing something samey.

Adrienne said...

Librarian AND a bibliophile. I got the Kindle proclaiming to myself that I'd only use it for travel. I was in the habit of bringing 2-3 books with me and since they started charging for checked bags it made sense.

I LOVE IT...and now kind of prefer it.


1. New books are cheaper. In hardback they are $20-40. Kindle usually has the highest charge being $9.95. Many books are free...especially if they are already in the public domain

2. I like to read while doing other things like eating, sewing, etc. The kindle lays flat so you don't have to use your hands to hold down pages and such. Also the wind never factors in.

3. Likewise, lying in bed reading. It's like reading a single sheet of paper so you don't have to constantly shift the book to read the left or right page.

4. It's light. I just read Stephen King's The Dome in hardback...HEAVY! Kindle stays the same light weight no matter how many pages the book is.


1. It has all the drawings and graphics you'd get with books.

2. The page does read like a book as's a fairly flat finish.

3. You can flip through the same way you would with a book except using a keyword search (which may or may not work better). Also bookmark pages you want to referr back to.


1. Right now few publishers are catching on so a lot of stuff already published is taking a while to get in Kindle format.

2. Similarly some publishers choose to publish Kindle formats later for whatever reason. This is why I read The Dome in hardback instead of Kindle format.

I love books and thankfully have a housefull of them because they are aesthetically pleasing...but my preferred method of actually reading is Kindle these days.

Katie said...

I absolutely love my Kindle. I had the first generation device, and gave it to my parents when the Kindle 2 was released last spring. I adore books, and the Kindle makes me read even more than I did before. Now I treat books like I do music: download and read a ton, and buy physical copies of the ones I really love. I take my Kindle with me everywhere (literally) and It's great to be able to whip it out at the coffee shop, during lunch at work, at the airport, etc.

joey said...

The ad reminds me of the song by Oren Lavie, Her Morning Elegance :) It's a very nice song. Take a look here:

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