The Duchess of Whimsy

The Duchess of WhimsyThe Duchess of Whimsy

This is clearly one of the best new children's fairy tales that I've seen lately, and I happy to receive a review copy to share with you readers. The Duchess of Whimsy is an enchanting tale by a husband and wife team (Randall de Sève and Peter de Sève) that seamlessly blends together a whimsical story with gorgeous illustrations.

The story is about a Duchess who behaves in a very fanciful way, eating only the best food and surrounding herself with the best of people and things, -- the life of the party type of gal. The Earl of Norm adores her and does everything he can to get her attention, but she thinks of him as nothing -- simply too ordinary. I don't want to spoil the ending, but lets just say that when the Earl of Norm makes her the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, they unite in their passion for melted cheese and the rest is history.

It is a very clever, charming, and foodie lover tale, based on an original love story that makes me smile with delight. It has a an elegant French Versailles like feel to it and there is even a part where a pig is sniffing out truffles in the forest! Talk about elevating young children's food knowledge -- love that. It is nice to know that there are well done and new whimsical children's book options like this out there. It is published by Philomel Books - Penguin Young Readers and you can find it here. A great gift idea!


People St.Clair said...

It looks delightful. Plus I love the title Duches of Whimsy.

Lindsey Michelle said...

Oooooh, I love books for children. They have the best illustrations. This is going on my wish list.
Thanks for sharing,

{ Lindsey }

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip! i'll check this out for my little one...

Brandi said...

What amazing illustrations! I adore children's books -- I'll have to take a trip to the library to check this one out.

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