Everything is Made in China

Everything is Made in China

The video effects of the music video by Moscow based band, Everything Is Made in China is interesting, reminds me of those face flip games I used to love playing with as a kid. Listen to more of their songs here. I like finding bands and music I've never heard of before. Don't you? What has been your latest music find?


katrina said...

i also love new music because i feel like i'm always listening to the same things over and over again!
i'm going to check these guys out.
a couple of my new favorites: the national & pomegranates.

Anonymous said...

The Submarines. =)

Anonymous said...


nadia said...

you are always post great music! honestly my collection of cd's can easily be called rachel's pics!

jo said...

jack penate and a.a. bondy.

Jake said...

Rach, Have you checked out Daniel martin Moore? Very chill stuff.

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