Great Gift Challenge

Great Gift Challenge

I am elated that eBay and Martha Stewart asked me to be involved in their Great Gift Challenge! Myself along with two other bloggers, Desire to Inspire and Charles & Hudson have been chosen to shop for various gifts on eBay and tell about our experiences. This is a dream come true because I often spend large amounts of time randomly searching different subjects on eBay from vintage stamps to handbags and more. I adore eBay and of course Martha Stewart. Yay!

Throughout the coming four weeks I will be selecting and purchasing four different gifts, one per week at selected price points (shipping is not including in that price). They have given me eBay dollars to shop and as a heads up they are also a paid advertiser on my site. This week the challenge is to find a gift for $25.

The exciting part for you readers in the USA, is that you can enter to win a $1000 gift certificate for eBay. Whoot... whoot! Check out the Great Gift Challenge Sweepstakes website here to enter and for details. Wouldn't winning that gift certificate be the best?! Stay tuned for my detailed search for the perfect $25 gift.

What has been your favorite find on eBay? I'm super curious and would love to hear about it!


fric and frac said...

Wow-what a fun challenge for you! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Blue Satin Sashes said...

How fun!
My favorite eBay find was my wedding dress. NOT a knockoff, and I got it for less than half price!

Jennifer Davis said...

This is so funny, I just picked up the December issue of Martha Stewart and saw your blog on the Ebay advertisement insert and was pretty darn impressed to know that I've been enjoying your blog as of late! So cool! Can't wait to see your picks!

I found a neat vintage headpiece once on Ebay, some clothes for my kiddo, old cookbooks...



How fun, I will look forward to your pick.

Tara Hogan, INK+WIT said...

really great! love that you are doing this : ) excited to see the list!

stewart and james said...

whoa! this is blog-excitement overload!


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