Hilarious moment - Flight of the Conchords style

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you get to do anything fun? Here is my funny moment of the weekend.

Last night we went to my brother's court of honor. It was hilarious when one of the musical performances was this young guy singing solo with his guitar this Flight of the Conchords song. The whole crowd was busting up laughing -- he even did the dance moves. It was a little out of place, (maybe not the right setting) but it was memorable and very, very funny.


susie q said...

I'm a Flight diehard. So funny -- wish you had video of the guy’s performance. My daughter takes French. Every time she utters a “moi” or “bonjour,” I start singing Foux Du Fafa!

jessica | destined to design said...

HA! - too funny, they are.

M said...

Seriously, at a Court of Honor?!? I would have been laughing so hard. But only if it was not my son.

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