My Tree and Me

My Tree and Me
My Tree and Me

My Grandma Sandra is a genealogy guru. She has been tracking her and her husband's line for probably over fifty years. Another childhood memory I have is looking at my other grandparent's extremely large family tree hanging in their home. One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was to find all of the unique names throughout the tree and see where my origins were from. There is something very special about knowing where you are from. I've poked around on this site before and it is a good place to get you started if you are interested in genealogy.

My Tree and Me

Today, when I can upon these family tree's over at design sponge, I became delightfully sentimental and contemplative on how I want a well-designed and pretty family tree in my home. My Tree & Me has done an excellent job of creating modern custom trees for this centuries old family tradition. Have you ever seen your family heritage, line or tree?


Rachael said...

My grandmother is also a genealogy junkie, and she sent me a copy of her findings a few years ago. I never thought of using it for a design project, but that is a great idea!

Jenny said...

I have always wanted to put one on my wall too, and then when my kids get older, place of their own, married, etc. I want to give them one as a gift.

by the way, I Love that you put the genealogy site on there. The site that does is the same church that I go to.

Lindsey said...

the designs are stunning! i couldn't think of a better way to display some family pride in such a beautiful manner.

The Novelist said...

I absolutely love the family tree!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Love these Rachel!

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