Tamara Muth King + Happy Thanksgiving

I love these breathtaking puritan photos by Tamara Muth-King. They are the first in a series of her personal work and I am can't wait to see more!

I was curious as to the meaning behind these photos so I asked her a little bit about them. Tamara states, "I was thinking about the way most teenagers dress, with the less is less philosophy, and all of the extremely revealing things that they wear, between extremely revealing cuts, thongs that others can see over they're ill fitting jeans. It's an anti fashion shoot in some ways, but the outfits become so fashionable at the same time. This shoot, and the next two are all based on pieces that are ultra conservative, but shot in a very current, innocent, and hopefully riveting way."

See all of the photos from this shoot here. Her work is stunning and riveting, don't you think?

Tamara Muth King

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and for those international readers I wish you a pleasant weekend! Here is a great link to a video clip about how we can notice the little things around us.

What are you thankful for this year?

10 things I'm grateful for -
1 - my family
2 - my faith
3 - ability to use all 5 senses
4 - hot showers
5 - a roof over my head
6 - clothes to wear
7 - food to eat
8 - freedom
9 - good health
10 - technology (allowing this to be possible)

I am also extremely thankful for you readers! You make my days bright with your kind comments and emails. I appreciate you all for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving!

(all images by Tamara Muth-King)


Cookie Cutter said...

I think photography is at its best when it's simple yet stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Happy thanksgiving :)

gilbertglee said...

Very very cool. I love the simplicity of the style.

The Imaginary Wedding said...

Amazing photos--especially the first one. I love b/w photography and will definitely check out more of Tamara's work. Thanks for putting it up!

landmark lighting said...

The pics are awesome!!!!

Kifus said...

We don't celebrate thanksgiving here in Brazil but I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

The photography is simply beautiful. I love your "thankful" list...we are all so blessed, aren't we.

Unknown said...

Amazing, love the depth in the girl's eyes...these photos are amazing!


emma wallace said...

Very beautiful! And captivating. I'm glad you introduced her work to us!


dani kreeft said...

beautiful pictures!!

hope it was a wonderful thanksgiving! unfortunately, up here in canada, we already had our hay day back in october, but i hope you had a great, big feast!

dani. xoxo...

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful.

mer said...

these are so great!

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