What is in your Queue?

I enjoyed the post that Kevin Sharkey over at Martha Stewart Home Design did about his Netflix Movie Queue, and how many of the movies on his list showcase high levels of style and design. Check out his list and post, it is really great.

I am curious readers, what is in your queue/list to see next? What do you look for in a film? Do you watch things to inspire, educate or entertain? What are your top five or ten? I would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations.

Here are the top ten in my queue. Have you seen any of them, what are your thoughts?

Coco before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel (see trailer)

Mad Men

Mad Men (I've heard the buzz, but haven't seen any of this series yet.)

Botany of Desire

The Botany of Desire - based on Michael Pollan's book.



The September Issue

The September Issue



No Impact Man

No Impact Man

The Blindside

The Blindside




The Woodlanders (I am on a Thomas Hardy adaptation watching kick)


Anonymous said...

unforch haven't seen any of these, but blind side & september issue are on my list of must-sees! once it comes out, you should watch "how to train your dragon"... it is seriously the sweetest film ever.

Daughter Earth said...

I loved Coco Before Chanel.
Really amazing. I hope its still the subtitled version via netflix. I think it being in french makes it more magical

Cait said...

I saw Coco Avant Chanel and was severely disappointed with it! It was a complete let down. (And I love almost anything French.) Sorry to be the Debby-downer! But you MUST see it in the original French with sub-titles. Dubbing changes any film.

Joanna Goddard said...

i loved The September Issue! so inspiring.

kt said...

i really liked coco before chanel!(and i just adore audrey tautou). also really enjoyed the september issue.

in my queue: fantastic mr. fox, bright star, whip it..... and so many more! !

Lynn said...

I have Coco Avant Chanel in my cupboard waiting for some spare time. Departures is there, too, along with Dolls and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. I love Asian films, and have a soft spot for Wong Kar Wei, especially his In The Mood For Love, which I have seen numerous times, and which is a cinematic jewel.
I'll watch out for The September Issue!

jamieofalltrades said...

Definitely start watching Mad Men and stick with it until the second season.
The Sept Issue is good too. Grace Coddington steals the show.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Mad Men, and actually just posted about netflix-ing it on my blog too! The characters are great and the costumes are even better.

I'm looking forward to checking our your other picks, too.

benson said...

we have very similar queues! We just finished "Up in the Air" and currently in the middle of Nurse Jackie--30 minute episodes and AMAZING actors and storylines. This weekend is "An Education" which promises to be wonderful.

Portland Sunshine said...

i just did a similar post. coco was the last film i saw in the theatre, loved it!


Mary said...

Mad Men is great. Especially this last season, so don't give up on it if you find it a bit dark at first. Damages is so addictive. Watched The Blind Side just last weekend - liked it, thought Sandra was great. The Botany of Desire is a beautiful documentary. Haven't heard of No Impact Man but it looks intriguing. I want to see An Education, and The Single Man. I don't subscribe to NetFlix, but I need to make a list!

Sarah said...

Loved Coco avant Chanel. Liked the Blind Side, but of course it was predictable. That's to be expected.

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Cait - I have the subtitled version of Coco Avant Chanel to watch :)

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions!

Miss Reglisse said...

Departure is one of the most moving films I have ever seen, great story ,superb images and that exquisite esthetic of emotions versus tradition so utterly japanese.
Enjoy it!

Katie said...

Oh, you will LOVE Mad Men. September Issue is a great one too

Some other ones to add:
- Once
- Revolutionary Road (dark, but good)
- Paris, Je T'aime
- State of Play (not so much for aesthetic, but because I'm a sucker for journalism thrillers)
- Charlie Barlett
- Surfwise

Bibliochic said...

oh i love your list!! blind side is a must. coco avant chanel was beautiful to watch. the september issue was a blast. and mad men?? one of my favorite shows ever!! when i got into it i watch all three seasons in about a month! the clothes are fabulous and they are so accurate with the period in a non cheesy way. have you seen 'an education' yet? that movie was brilliant and i think you would enjoy it!!

Anne Marie said...

I haven't seen any of the movies, but I have seen the first season of Damages and Loooooved it!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I'm going to be unpopular for a second here and say I totally wish I hadn't wasted my life watching man men. Don't get me wrong the styling, design and costumes are all amazing which kept me watching for a while. We made it through two seasons but I felt like the whole thing was about sex and honestly i just wanted to punch John Hamm by the end of it all. I didn't find any of the characters to be well written, they were all really one sided. And it was just way to over the top. I promise that good people did live during the 60's but you wouldn't know that by watching the show.

Katrina said...

Loved loved loved Coca Avant Chanel. But two even better Audrey Tautou films that I would recommend would be A La Folie... Pas du Tout and Hors de Prix. The English titles are He Loves Me He Loves Me Not and Priceless. Soooo good. And of course you've got to watch them with subtitles.

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous! I hadn't heard too much about the plot just about the wonderful styling and design. I hate it when shows drop the ball in the writing department.

Anonymous said...

A few of those movies are instant, oh yeah!! I loved No Impact Man, and I really want to see Ballerina.

Anonymous said...

I've recently started reading your blog, and I love it! I saw that you had No Impact Man on your Netflix Queue, and had to comment...it is a great documentary with a personal feel. Colin Beaven's book was just published too, and it is very empowering. Highly recommended!

Nicole said...

I'm surprised to see all the Mad Men love. I was really put off by the show. Sure the sets and costumes are cool, but I would suggest watching 2001: A Space Odyssey to get your fix of sweet design or even the animated show Archer on FX -which is hilarious by the way.

Recently watched:
Botany of Desire - Really liked it
The Men Who Stare at Goats - Loved it
Taking Woodstock - Liked it

Looking forward to:
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Art & Copy
No Impact Man: The Documentary

Older but Highly Recommended:
Born into Brothels
The Business of Being Born

*Also if you have Netflix + a Wii + a decent wireless connection then check this out... http://www.netflix.com/WiiHelp?lnkctr=ssKeyDisc&trkid=1503552

Magen said...

You must watch An Education...I'm embarrassed to tell how many times I've watched it in a week.

I also like Bright Star a lot...its beautiful.
As well as Into the Storm, a well done film on Churchill.

I actually started into Bollywood films for fun the other day and found Life in a Metro and loved it!

Love your blog!!

Emily said...

I think Mad Men is a brilliant show... even besides all the amazing styling. You definitely have to stomach a LOT of infidelity, but I think the writing is stellar. I literally had chills as the ending credits rolled on certain episodes. You definitely have to stick with it and you will become engrossed. I can hardly stand waiting for season 4.

I also Loved Coco Avant Chanel, I did a post about Audrey Tatou's styling here: http://shortstorydesign.blogspot.com/2009/11/coco-avant-chanel.html

Have you seen Broken Embraces? It's not my favorite Almodovar film, but the visuals are gorgeous, posted some stills here: http://shortstorydesign.blogspot.com/2010/04/broken-embraces.html

If you haven't seen Volver or Talk to Her (both Almodovar), SEE THOSE.

I second An Education, love the clothes. Up in the Air was surprising really good. Great aerial shots and graphics throughout. Fantastic Mr. Fox, also a must-see.

Happy watching!

Melissa Haws said...

Only 3 of those I've seen. Coco = great! Mad Men: filmed well, loooove the set and costume design, but honestly it puts me in a horrible mood. A...."is human nature really so disgusting" mood, so I just don't watch anymore. And Blind Side: very good!

zunzun said...

The wife in No Impact Man is what "made" the documentary for me...I could relate to her and her discomfort in being so "green" yet her new awareness and enlightment with what is obviously good for the planet (at some personal cost in terms of comfort) was educational....enjoyed it...could be a bit slow at times so you might want to have something to work on while you watch it.

Anonymous said...

coco before chanel is amazing - sad and lovely at the same time. i wont spoil the movie for you though. (its on demand through comcast) i want to get that striped shirt. can you help?

departures is breathless. a little morbid (it is about a professional who prepares the departed for the next life), but a wonderful insight into other cultures. i cried. it has really funny moments throughout. (was on demand a while ago, might still be there)

the blind side is wonderful.

designjr said...

I've only seen a couple - Coco before Chanel which I really enjoyed and Blind Side which was also good. Think I might have to go and add some of your other choices!

Mindy said...

I really enjoyed Coco Before Chanel. It precedes her becoming famous and getting entangled with the Nazis.

I also enjoy and recommend Mad Men. Just know that there's really no sympathetic characters here except maybe the children.

Finally, I love Damages. This is a really juicy show. Glenn Close is superb!

Mindy said...

Did anyone else think that Grace is jealous of Anna's position from watching The Sept Issue?

Emily said...

We have lots of movies for our kids in the queue, but also a few television series' for ourselves: Mad Men, Project Runway for me (I don't get Bravo so I've never seen the first few seasons), Chuck, things like that.

Anastasia said...

Coco Avant Chanel is the best!!! even thought its french subtitles you can really understand it without reading them. the acting is just sooo great

Anonymous said...

Hello! i just finished watching Coco Avant Chanel and absolutely love it! So inspiring and i immediately went to google about her. Amazing lady and i always admire Chanel's work & contribution to fashion world!
Also, The Blind Side is very moving...gradually building up the tears in your eyes...left me feeling warm & fuzzy inside.
Also, i would suggest "Miss pettigrew lives for a day" as well...very enjoyable and bonus too if you are a jazz fan. i just been movie-marathon today :P watched Julie & Julia too. Absolutely loved it too! Amy Adams starring in both Miss pettigrew & Julie+Julia - love her acting. Lastly...i love reading your blog! =) Have a lovely Sunday! =)


omg is there a damages movie? or is that just the poster for the tv series? I would love a damaged movie!

J said...

Departures is a great film, very happy to see Asian representation on your list :)

laura tj said...

hyaaa these are great!! i shall do a post like this too!

on my list (that i can think of now) is also Coco Before Chanel, and as well An Education and Young Victoria.

Lindsay said...

I LOVED Coco before Chanel and I am obsessed with Mad Men. I die over all of the 60s styles, they do it soo perfectly. I watched 'An Education' last night, it was really good. I love movies that have great visual eye candy like vintage qualities or done with just really good taste!: )

kayce hughes said...

don't know anything about ballerina. pls let us know after you watch it. may have to google it next.

Gaelyn said...

How is it that i am a dancer and i hadn't heard of Ballerina!? Adding it to my que now! thank you for sharing

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