Have a great weekend!

It was a crazy week for us with sickies around our house, a canceled birthday party, lots of work projects, and more. All that is behind now (well, almost) and I am really excited for the weekend because we are headed to San Francisco.

Here are a few things that made me happy this week:

*V in her costume for a party
*The fall foliage (shot taken in Park City)
*Some tasty pumpkin whoopie pies I made from this book but you can also find the recipe here.
* I also liked this quote by Mallika Chopra in this month's Whole Living magazine:

"Set the intention to make someone else happy -- and cause a ripple effect for positive change in our world."

What are your plans for the Halloween/Autumn weekend? You can follow what we are up to in San Francisco on twitter if you want. Have a good one everyone!


Laura Trevey said...

Sweet sweet butterfly wings... cherish those fun times!


beautiful feathered wings! Too cute

Chiara said...

LOVE that quote!! Thank you!
Have a great weekend

mikapoka said...

OMG, gorgeous post: love V's butterfly costume as well autumn's palette and mood. Have fun and enjoy your SF weekend full throttle! Ciao.

Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful time in SF--I know I did when I was there two weeks ago!

Suzanne Anas Jurich said...

Adorable costume!! ...and those whoopie pies look divine! Yum!

kdr*S said...

Have a great weekend. Ill be spending my weekend in ALABAMA!!! So green... wish I was in SF.



Claire Marie said...

Oh I love your blog - especially the wonderful, inspirational quote! And the gorgeous photos, of course.

Claire Marie x

mer said...

Such a huge fan of Baked. been meaning to get this book. Love the butterfly!

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