Pool Photography

Nate Bolt

I cannot believe today the last day of August! To soak in the last few weeks of Summer - isn't this bicycle pool shots by Nate Bolt great?

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Home Canning Supplies

I had 'good intentions' to do some canning this season, but I am not sure if I will be able to get around to it with the baby coming and all. I tried it for the very first time last year -- canning some various jams and it has been delightful to pull some fresh and delicious jam off of our shelves all year long. Although I know people have been doing it for ages, have you noticed the growing trend and increased canning exposure all around the last few years? It is popping up all over the place and there are lots of lovely things to make your canned goods look pretty along with great new resources too. Here are a few that caught my eye.

1: Canning for a New Generation : This book by Liana Krissoff came out this month, and I received a nice copy in the mail, it a most excellent canning resource and even has labels in the back of the book you can use.
2: Although a bit on the spendy side, these Weck jars are stunning.
3: Pretty Fabric Jar Covers -- which you can also DIY if you are more crafty.
4: Canning & Preserving with Ashley English - I haven't seen this book in person, but it looks wonderful.

5: Chalkboard Labels : Cool for not only canning, but other projects too.
6: Stainless Steel Funnel : Simply beautiful.
7: Retro Canning Set : Looks like a great packaged set.
8: Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It : I checked this out at the library and it has some fantastic looking recipes.

Other Ideas:
I love the idea of making labels inspired by these, or these.
Here is a great idea if you have leftover canning jars and kids -- clever!

Inspiring posts about Canning & Labels :
This Strawberry Lemon-Grass Jam looks delicious.
If you are reluctant to can -- you can make yummy freezer jam.
Ez did a beautiful tutorial and free printable tags for your jars here.
Jessica did a very informative post for Canning for beginners .

What about you? Have you tried canning before? Are you a preserving expert? Share with us your favorite things to preserve and successful recipes you've tried. If you have seen other great posts and canning tips-- hit up the comments section with your links and share your finds.

Music Monday: Shout Out Louds

Hello... I hope you had a great weekend! I had technical computer and internet difficulties over the weekend, so I didn't get to share some posts on Friday, but I think we've got it all squared away now. Did you do anything fun for the weekend? We have been prepping a bit for our baby that will be arriving dun dun duh... this week! It is going to be a super busy week and month for us with lots of life-changing moments ahead. In the next little while I am excited to have some guest blogging friends fill in when I am unavailable, but I also hope to have a few posts for you too. So stay tuned!

 Shout Out Louds

Well... on to Music Monday. I am a fan of the Shout Out Louds and thought this was appropriate for this week, the song is called "Show Me Something New". I enjoy the upbeat lyrics and the cool underwater nature of the music video. What do you think? Also, the Shout Out Louds did a sweet cover of the Band of Horses that you can watch here. Speaking of cover songs, what are your favorite covers? I'd love to hear about them.

(Since readers have asked and told me that you have purchased Music Monday music I've shared in the past -- support Black Eiffel by getting the newest Shout Out Louds MP3 Album for $5.00 or single songs here or also on itunes here. Thank you for your support!)

Curious Chocolate

Curious Chocolate

This Curious Chocolate packaging by Nineteen Seventy-Three looks rather fun, don't you think?

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Farmhouse Style Architecture

Today I am inspired by farmhouse style modern houses. I've often loved the idea of restoring or living in a farmhouse or barn that has been modernized. All of these are designed by Vermont based architectural firm Birdseye Design.

Lox Papers

Lox Papers

Like Ez, I am really loving the inspirational style of Lox Papers blog posts created by graphic designer Jane Lilly Warren. You should take a peek at her portfolio + blog -- fun stuff.

(layout by Jane Lilly Warren)

Jigsaw London

Jigsaw London

Liking these looks from Jigsaw-London.

Charming Wedding

This British wedding I saw over at 100 layer cake for Artemis and Nao is one of the most charming and well-done DIY weddings I've seen in quite some time. They made their wedding invitations, wedding attire, wedding jewelry (they have a vintage + jewelry shop) and much, much more! What a tone of work, but wow, look how lovely it turned out. Check out the rest of the photos over at tales of a junkaholic. They also even had a wedding tent which they got ready in and even stayed in afterwards too -- it was right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the water. Talk about a splendid event.

(photos from Junkaholic + bus photo by Kasia Kosaka)

Life's Sweet

Ice Cream or Gelato is definitely one of my weaknesses when it comes to treat indulgences. So, naturally I loved this "Life's Sweet" print by Slide Sideways that Lisa shared.

Music Monday : Coeur de Pirate

Coeur de Pirate

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I thought I would mix it up a bit with a little French for Music Monday today. I am really enjoying Montreal singer-songwriter, " Coeur De Pirate" lately. This music video is sweet and charming. Happy Music Monday!

(Directed by David Valiquette // Image by John Londono)

Favorites & Happy Moments of week no. 33

Have a most fabulous weekend dear readers! I hope you have some fun things planned or are able to get a little relaxation this weekend. Here are some of my favorite and happy moments of the week...

1: I was ecstatic to hear from blogging friends and tweets that I was mentioned in the September Martha Stewart Living, I had no idea and I am really honored to be listed among such amazing talent on page 54. Thank you very much editors at Martha Stewart, I am beyond thrilled! Also, thank you to all of you sweet readers for you kind words, support and for reading Black Eiffel, it is a blast to share things with you and get your feedback -- thank you, thank you!

2: The recent reminder by Design Love Fest of the dazzling work of Ashley Meaders made me smile this week. Check out her great stuff she shared on Design Sponge and her beautiful website + work! (photography by Our Labor of Love )

3: I created a music mix called 'Final Summer Getaway' that the lovely Casey is sharing today over at The Kid Collective with her ongoing Summer music mix series. I cannot believe summer is winding down...

4: When I saw this Scratch Map that Joanna shared, it was immediately got added to my wish list, it looks super cool.

5: Whenever I want to daydream and take a mock trip to Paris (which is often) I will head over to Little Brown Pen and check out the beautiful photos Nichole takes and posts on her blog. This week she has a gorgeous new website up where you can see more, way to go Nichole!

6: Speaking of maps and trips ... my husband emailed me today about the travel 'internet flight search website' Hipmunk? Have you heard of it yet -- it shares which flights are the hottest deal. It looks pretty great, and makes me want to plan a vacation now. (Read more about it here.)

Federico Uribe

Federico Uribe

At first glance these installations may not seem that special, but when you realize they are made of pencils, books, and little plastic soldiers it elevates them to an even more spectacular level. Federico Uribe is extremely creative and does some amazing work. I am drawn to most of his sculptures made out of common items under the Abstract-O section of his website, but there are lots of other great things too. Talk about making school supplies look awesome.

Federico Uribe


Loving these Autumn looks from A.P.C.

Stone House

Stone House
Stone House

Check out this stone house that looks like it is straight out of the Flintstones! It is nestled in the mountains of Fafe, Portugal. My daughter even walked by saying, "That is sooo cool, I want a house like that." I wonder what it looks like on the inside? (via archdaily)

(all photos by Jsome1 : Feliciano GuimarĂ£es )

Back to School Supplies

When Back to School Supplies are stocked up and on sale, it is one of my favorite times of year. It makes me want to spruce up things in my office, editing and adding to what I have. Here are some bright and cheery things that I have my eye on, that have been added to my wishlist.

1: Apple Jars
2: Broccoli Card Holder
3: Washi Paper Masking Tape
4: Fluorescent Colored Pencil Set
5: Elephant & Duck Paperclips
6: Animal Balance Erasers

Zara Kids

Zara Kids

Some of these styles may be a little too sophisticated for my three-year old, but wow ... I love what Zara Kids is doing for fall. I find myself gathering tips for my closet from these savvy children's looks along with of course their lovely women's line. Great news for those not close to one of their stores, Zara is going to sell online starting September 2nd. Hooray.


(all images from Zara Kids)

Best Whole-Wheat Pancakes

Best Whole-Wheat Pancakes

I am often reluctant to try new whole-wheat or whole-grain pancake recipes because for some reason the multiple ones I've tried don't turn out very well. Have you ever had that problem?

Luckily, this morning we had a breakthrough and I finally found a recipe that we really like. The little miss even agrees saying they are her favorite pancakes and let me tell you what, that means a lot coming from a toddler who usually plays frisbee with the other so called 'healthy' whole-wheat pancakes I've made.

If you are looking for a nutritious pancake recipe, give this one by Ellie Krieger a shot and oh my ... the Strawberry Sauce really makes them extra good. (ps. *I used whole-wheat pastry flour instead of whole-wheat flour and fresh strawberries for the sauce).

Capital Kitchen

Capital Kitchen
Capital Kitchen2

Flipping through an Australian magazine the other day, I came across Capital Kitchen out of Melbourne and it was love at first sight. I enjoy the combo of rustic and industrial modern elements and was very surprised to find out this place is located within a shopping center. What a fantastic place this would be to grab a bite to eat and peruse for some pretty housewares.

After a bit of research, I found out this lovely place was designed by Australian based interior design firm Mim Design and you can see even more photos here. It also looks like they have designed a second location.

Capital Kitchen3

(All photos from Mim Design)

Farmer's Market

A few shots from the tail end of the weekend Farmer's Market.

Craft Lake City

Craft Lake City

Over the weekend I went to Craft Lake City with Stephanie and was very impressed by the variety of vendors and high-quality designer crafts.


A few of my favorites included ... Allison Cornu from print print press, I couldn't resist the letterpress "Joie de Vivre" print. I really loved her minimal and feminine style. Check out her etsy and blog.


Loved these books and coasters by Easy Keeper Lettepress.


There was adorable stuff at Wee Waldorf, I was especially charmed by the Wooden Skittle Play set.

Lets Be Friends
Lets Be Friends2

I was impressed by these awesome Polaroid toy friends which you can also get letterpress cards to draw on -- a super cute children's toy idea. (*2nd image from their etsy shop)

Colt Bowden
Colt Bowden2

There was lots of creativity brewing at Colt City with Colt Bowden and his wife Abi sharing their artist letterpress print and handmade collages. I really liked this monster print and these other creations.


Noble Town Vintage had sweet revived and vintage jewelry.

Overall it was a really great event and unfortunately my tired and pregnant frame after lots of walking around, didn't get to see everything or even photograph a few of my other favorite craft/design vendors. Here are a few more I also loved ...

Urban Patchwork : stunning quilts and other beautiful handmade crafts.
Smart & Wiley: gorgeous typographic prints & sketchbooks.
Sycamore Street Press : an all-time favorite letterpress duo.
Freshly Picked : pretty bow bags and other goodies.

Did any of you locals attend -- what did you think?

Music Monday : The Tallest Man on Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth

I hope you all had a great weekend! I feel like sharing some acoustic flavor today for Music Monday and was really thrilled a few weeks ago to come across 'The Tallest Man on Earth' who is singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson from Sweden. If you are a fan of Bon Iver or Bob Dylan you will probably like his sound. This song is called The Wild Hunt and you can find the latest album here.

Hit up the comments to tell me what you think and as always I would love to hear what you are listening to lately. Happy Music Monday!

(photo by Johan Stolpe from myspace)

Favorites of week no. 32

Have a great weekend! I wanted to leave you with a few things that made me smile this week...

Claire has a new seasonal vegetable calendar in her shop -- love!

This fun photo shoot by Anne Menke for September's Marie Claire France. See more here.

These Pomegranate Hibiscus Strawberry Popsicles made and photographed by Stephanie Shih from desserts for breakfast are calling my name. Have you made any popsicles this summer?

Picked up some lovely prints from one of my sponsors Modern Palm Boutique. They have some really great stuff you should check out!

Last but not least, two creative video clip commercials to share -- one clever and artistic that is worth a watch and one I tweeted about poking fun at hipsters (via Jenny).