Music Monday : 10 songs about love

For Music Monday I'm doing a little something different to celebrate Feb. 14th. I'm sharing 10 love centered songs that I really like -- some you may have heard, some maybe not...( in no particular order).

1. Adele's cover of 'Make You Feel My Love' gives me the chills. Her voice is incredible. (above)
2. Be My Man: Love ASA's modern yet classic sounding voice and the quirky dancers in the video.
3. Home : beware... this song gets really, really stuck in your head!
4. Addicted to Love cover : I heart Florence & the Machine.
5. Inside Out : Holy cow this song/cover is amazing live!
6. Had to throw this one in, haha.
7. A classic : go guitar fingers, go.
8. No words to describe this guy and words, one of my ultimate favs.
9. Real Love : Again, another great live performance.
10. This has remained one of my favorite love songs, I sang it to my husband on our wedding day, I can't believe we are coming up on ten years in a few months, wow-wee!

What about your favorite songs about love... Shout 'em out!

Happy Music Monday!


Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Awesome list! I LOVE the Ben Harper song, definitely an all time favourite, it's super sweet you sang it to your husband on your wedding day. I've always thought it was a perfect wedding song. :)

Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay said...

I love that Florence and the Machine cover. The whole list is great!

blank said...

I've recently found Adele and she is amazing. I'm obsessed with her new song, Rolling In The Deep. Great list!

--la vie en BROKE--

KateM3 said...

That Ben Harper song is so good. My husband plays that for me on the guitar sometimes. What a fantastic wedding song, too.

positdesign said...

Leonard Cohen's "Dance me to the End of Love."

Tears to my eyes. Every time.

AlyssaP said...

Adele is a favorite of mine. She has a new album out and you can hear the full album for free here:
Definitely need to catch her tour. Her voice is amazing live.

A Denihan said...

John Denver "For You"

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

oh gosh that adele song is beautiful! i think i just listened to it five times on repeat...!

stephanie. said...

adele's voice IS amazing. what a great cover. thanks for sharing.

stephanie. said...

oh, and congrats on 10 years. how sweet that you sung at your wedding. =)

pj said...

i love ADELE!! been playing : Make you love me over and over...

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