Paper Twins

Check out this fun street art by the Paper Twins that is just awesome. See more of their work on flickr -- couldn't find a website. What type of street art do you like?

(Spotted on Unruth)

photos: Paper Twins flickr stream


Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks for sharing that! I really fell in love with their work!!

Suzy said...

very cool!

I like ROA, in my town you can see his work and it catches my attention everytime again

rebecca s. said...

so awesome!

thanks for sharing!

size too small said...

i love the paper twins. hadn't seen the stay gold one yet- a new favorite!

Kirstin said...

i love it! my personal favorites are banksy and shepherd fairy.

rubi said...

i love this! i just came across this street artist in new york. it's pretty clever.

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