Music Monday : Peter Bjorn and John

Check out this great new song from Peter Bjorn and John called 'Second Chance' from their new album Gimme Some. This is a great track for summer huh, have a look and listen and tell me what you think!

You can pick up the mp3 album on amazon here or itunes here.*

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Amanda said...

Yes! I've heard of them before and I agree--this would be a perfect song for a summer road trip :)

Martha O. said...

I like the bizarreness of the video more than I like the actual song. But I can see cruising around town with my windows down whilst jamming out to it.

Unknown said...

LOVE. Thanks for posting! P.S. Is the Water for Elephants audiobook worthwhile? My little sister keeps telling me to read it but I haven't the time! xo Lola

Anonymous said...

Just listened to this twice and I LOVE it. Such a happy summer song. I'm downloading it today, will be a perfect addition for my road trip down to the coast this weekend!

Ingvild said...

great song:)

Christina Rose //floresdelsol said...

loooooooove this song. thanks!!

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