Method's 'Get Clean' Winner!

Do you remember the fun series of spring cleaning tips and tricks I shared with you for the Method 'GET CLEAN' Contest a few months back? ( see posts here.) Today we are announcing the contest winner!

Katherine Brennan of Pensylvania won the sweepstakes which included a kitchen refresh with an organizational and cleaning expert, kitchen accessories as shown below, a year's supply of Method products and a copy of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, yay Katherine! I continue to be a big fan of Method products and am preparing for another big sort and clean this summer season.

*This post is sponsored by Method Home and Martha.


zilredloh said...

Mega congrats to Katherine!

I just saw I have the same aqua nut-chopper & microwave that you do. :)

Katie B said...

Aw thank you for writing about me! So sweet! :)

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