Jar of Cake - Löffle Mich

Bright, bold and well packaged, wouldn't this Löffle Mich jar of cake be a perfect gift for someone, or a delicious surprise at a picnic? I love the fun nature of it, well I love anything mini in a jar for that matter. If you are near Austria from what I can tell from my loose rusty German 'Löffle Mich' means something along the lines of 'Spoon me', right? You can find them here.

// via Blog Milk + Dieline


Jessica said...

Ah!! LOVE it! Great gift idea to add to a Bridesmaid basket I think!

wakako said...

Wow! This is beautiful.
weck jar is the BEST!!!

cheap cosplay costumes said...

These are so cute!!!Love it!A sweet gift!

Latrina said...

What cute & creative packaging! I thought they were single-serving coffees at first glance. I love this. :)

mikky said...

Love this packaging. However I`d probably want to eat 3 or 4 of these hahaha! I too thought they were single serving coffee at first glance too.


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