7 Things

7 things for week number 22.

1 - Loved looking through this Woodcut book I received in the mail, it's gorgeous.
2 - We've been playing outside a lot, it's hot!
3 - Found this in my photos, random but I like it.
4 - Dried beans + kitchen gadgets = hours of quiet fun.
5 - V loves her new divider plates and wants to arrange and photograph her snacks now.
6 - A new modern looking bookstore opened in our area, yay!
7 - This song I've been playing on repeat.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I really adore the woodcut! Have a wonderful weekend!

American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Great photos! Love the beans & gadget one!...not to mention the colorful umbrellas.

Karina Cifuentes said...

Oh, that book is a great gift giving idea (perhaps for myself?)

dani press said...

awesome song. and oooh, modern book stores. fun.

Emily P said...

I love the colors in the outside photo!

Stephanie said...

Love your 7 Things series Rach.

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