Music Monday : Cass McCombs

I came across this song while following my cool uncle Steve's Spotify feed (you're on Spotify, right?) When I think of him, I think of all of the times I would go over to their house and he was often playing something really cool or interesting on his record player letting the sound waft and bounce off the walls throughout their home.

His top track was this song by Cass McCombs and seriously I listened to it like 10 times over the weekend, it's that good. A inspirational throw back to the 70s for sure, but with a fresh edge. Hope you enjoy and are having a nice Monday.

ps. I'm starting to upload all Music Monday selections to a Spotify Playlist. If you want to hear them that way (super eclectic list when put together, but still good stuff).


Sarah said...

Wow, great song! I'm going to add it to my spotify playlist now. Thank you!

phase108 said...

so beautiful!

Amaya said...

Just subscribed to your spotify playlist! Thanks for putting together this awesome playlist.

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