Pentagram + Paula

While reviewing some old photos, I found these lovelies. A few years ago, in design school we went on a graphic design tour of many designs firms in NYC and London. In NY, Pentagram was one of my favorites. Below is Pentagram's studio, it was inspiring and ohh, the graphic book collection is still a lingering dream I have to own. Check out their great work, if you haven't already.

One of the partners at Pentagram is Paula Scher. She has definitely been one of the front runners in the graphic design industry, I've heard her speak a few times and I have been so inspired. She has designed such beautiful, timeless, and iconic things, one of my favorite identity designs ever is the citibank logo she did, - pure genius. Her paintings of the world and various countries are brilliant - I absolutely love them.


ali said...

Thanks for the lovely tour. I've got a thing for book covers, and didn't know about Pentagram or Paula. The introduction was very necessary! Love the "Florida" piece!

jordan said...

These are cool.

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