San Juan

One of the most artistically inspiring places we went on our trip was San Juan, Puerto Rico. The streets are so full of life and vivid colors, the views of the water are breathtaking, and the people are alive with great passion, culture, and beauty. We took both mass transit and taxis around, and whenever I do that in a large city, I think that my eyes are opened more to see all of the city has to offer, the goods and the bads. The taxi driver took us on more of a scenic route, the nice parts of town, showing off what is in the travel brochures. He said that most of the Puerto Ricans have moved to New York City and the island hosts about 80% Dominicans. On the city bus, we saw the ghettos, the cop cars flashing on every corner, and the old and young getting on and off at each stop. We talked to the charming old man who carries pictures of himself with every single Miss Puerto Rico since 1962, (a little bizarre) and he pointed out, in his broken English all of the interesting points of town; the old buildings turned into art museums, where he went to college etc.. All in all, Puerto Rico was a very cultural experience.

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Jessie Evans said...

Ah, San Juan, my husband and I made a stop there on our honeymoon cruise and it was by far our favorite island. I found your inspiring blog through my friend Brittany, beautiful images you have up here!

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