8 things

I've been tagged twice. By A 10,000 wedding and A Cup of Jo. Merci. I am supposed to let you know 8 things about me, here they are:

1: I like to keep top ten lists.
2: I have a love/hate relationship with most purses and handbags.
3: I don't like thunder storms, but I do like it when the power goes out temporarily.
4: I love the library, enough that at one time I almost wanted to be a librarian,
one that was nice and dressed cool.
5: Fridge clutter is one of my pet peeves.
6: Most dolls really creep me out.
7: If I've been to a place once, I can usually get you back there.
8: I am tall, 5' 10" + my husband is 6'4" so I worry that Vienna will be over 6 ft.

*All who have read this that haven't been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged now. Leave me a comment that you have listed you 8 things, and I'll come read them, these lists are fun. Hence why I do #1.


Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...

I've done my list.


I don't like dolls (or clowns) either. Creepy.

brittany said...

what is a tag?

Anonymous said...

Rachel- I just love your style. Everything! It's just great.

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Brittany - In the blogging world as I just learned recently, A tag is where people ask you to do a certain thing like list your favorites etc. on your blog. In this tagging case, it is to list 8 facts about you. So, I now tag you!

brittany said...

Thank you! I did it! there are currently 8 facts about me on my page!

Christina Kim Homer said...

I love lists too!


Jessie Evans said...

Yay! I love lists too, so check out mine.

Anonymous said...

Tall is good. Wish I were tall.

Joanna Goddard said...

i love when the power goes out for a second too. it's so calming and makes you think of all these things to do (like read by candlelight or ask your upstairs neighbors to join you for a beer) that you wouldn't normally think of!

cute list!

Anonymous said...

I consider myself tagged.

Anonymous said...

I love when the power goes out as well.and I love libraries, the older the better.

brittany said...

Thank you for checking my list out! The one i wish i had in common with you most would be your number 8! You are so lucky you are tall! :)(I am almost a whole foot shorter than you.)

p.s. I love your blog too! I always tell my friends to check it out!

Tracy Evelyn said...

I made my list of 8 things. A little late huh? Better late than never I guess :)


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