Sock Monkeys

Can you ever go wrong with them? I remember growing up with these little sock monkey guys at our house. Their image has sure gotten better, and also has diversified.

These are from polkadots

Sock monkey greetings by Allie Munroe.

great polaroid from futurowoman's etsy. (other shots definitely worth a look)


Kate said...

awww, this brings back childhood memories for sure!!

The Flynns said...

I just LOVE sock monkeys and just completed making 6 for my kids, niece and nephews. I've still got one my grandmother made for me years ago. It's been fun watching them make a big comeback these past few years.

Nan said...

Maybe this is a silly question... but do they actually have sock monkey SOCKS? I live in my socks (here in Canada) and would love sock monkey socks... though I of course wouldn't fight the slippers...

Too cute. Sock monkeys are the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! :)

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