I love the post office by Kim Screen

Call me crazy, but I really love the post office! Let me count the ways...

First, the stamps. I love picking out stamps. I get very sad when supplies are low and I'm stuck with flags (no offense, America). But sometimes there are real gems to be had: botanicals, people, graphics, teapots, star wars, you just never know.

For our wedding invitations we featured our polio inventor friend Jonas Salk. I know... it's not very "wedding" (which could have been the theme of our wedding) but the traditional pastel love stamps were simply not us; we thought Jonas was great!

Then there's the history factor. The post office is vintage! Some of their buildings even look vintage!

And look at this bit of post office history I found this week in my grandmother’s book collection. Some of these stamps are downright beautiful.

But here's the real reason. Mostly I love going to the post office because it means I am sending something that somebody will LOVE receiving. Friends, family, customers, whoever. I am making them happy. Simple as that.


tyesha said...

Going to the post office and going to vote give me kinda the same feeling. It feels so formal yet natural. Like you are part of something people have been doing for very long time. It almost makes me feel more human.

Heather said...

People always thought I was weird in elementary school when I would tell them that going to the post office was my favorite field trip. There's just something about it... the smell, the textures, the people, and of course the STAMPS! I had a huge stamp collection all growing up, but now that I'm married and moved out I have no idea where is it. Hopefully one day I'll find it again.

Claire said...

Hi, Rachel. It's Claire, a former MOA coworker of yours...I read Design Mom and when you were the guest blogger I thought "that girl looks mighty familiar" and then made the connection to your name and your mention of working at a museum during college. Anyhow I've enjoyed your always interesting blog the past several weeks and have recommended it to several others. Keep up the good work!

I also must mention that I love the p.o. as well, and honestly get much more enjoyment from mailing packages than receiving them. My almost missionary brother has so much to look forward to. Picking out stamps is the best, I do it online and always end up debating which ones to get and whether I'm paying too much for too many stamps!

Rebecca said...

i'm such a stamp geek. i hate boring stamps and so seeing what the new designs are is always a treat for me.

kim said...

Wow - I've found my kindred stamp spirits! I love it. So here's a question...has anyone noticed there are some great designs on smaller stamp denominations? 4,5, and 24 cent in particular right now. I'm thinking about combining a bunch to make my envelopes all pretty.

Lindy said...

Oh, I'm so glad someone else loves the post office! When i was little and all my friends wanted to go to "hair school" or be a teacher or nurse, I wanted to work at the post office. I love the place. I especially love our old post office with the wood teller windows and hand painted gold lettering. Very cool.

I love tyesha's comment. . ."part of something people have been doing for a very long time." So true.

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