My Creative Drives: A visual top 10 list by Kim Screen

At some point during my 6 years on LA roadways I realized my mind goes crazy with design ideas while driving! (admittedly, LA was a handy place to make this discovery) So, in the spirit of these great creative drives, here is a visual top 10 list of things that have inspired me lately. (click to enlarge)

1. old family photographs / 2. solid fabrics with bits of white thread peaking through / 3. sewing machines and vintage tools / 4. beautiful, make-me-drool calligraphy from betsy dunlap / 5. happy mailbox family / 6. my trusty lemon tree that blooms even in seattle / 7. vintage maps / 8. color-coded book shelves / 9. creamy delicious coffee brewing in a chemex / 10. our newly installed clothesline (one small step for the environment!)


Shawna Stobaugh said...

Such wonderful minor details make the biggest impressions. Love the family mail boxes. adorable.

perfect bound said...

I love the idea of a visual list. You've inspired me to create a visual list of my own. I am also still gettin over your beautiful wedding and the idea of picking words, then colors. Brillant.

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