Parties I have known and loved by Kim Screen

Summer’s almost over, but it’s never too late to throw a great party. Here are a few of my all-time favorites, to help put on your creative party hat.

haiku party
This one’s a blast! Of course you must first send your invitation in haiku form.

what you need:
1. typewriter
2. typing paper
3. haiku how-to’s for guests
4. corkboard for posting haiku

taco truck party
This summer we threw our very first, but probably not our last, Taco Truck Party. In the spirit of conducting thorough research, I felt obliged to try tacos all over the city (what a gal) before finally securing Armando and his tasty tacos for our party. (To find taco trucks in your town, just ask the Google.)

what you need:
1. a taco truck!

My talented friend Sheila designed this cute little taco truck illustration we used for our party invitations.

outdoor movie party
We started this last year, and it’s so fun. Find a spot in your yard to set up an outdoor movie screen, and then host your own summer concert series.

what you need:
1. to make the screen: a canvas drop cloth from home depot + staple gun
2. to play the movie: a laptop, lcd projector + stereo
3. for seating: plenty of chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, etc
4. for snacks: popcorn + movie treats!


Anonymous said...

Fun! I love quirky party ideas, those are all great.

Jackie Rice said...

is it complicated to set up the stereo/projector/laptop combo? i'm not techno-stupid, but i'm not genius material either. just curious b/c this sounds like a ton of fun!

Kristi said...

These parties look like so much fun! I love the Taco truck party idea--my husband loves thos things :)

kim said...

jackie ... I must confess it is my fantastico husband in charge of the movie setup (see him fussing with it in photo #1!) :) But he tells me it is not hard - 2 cables to connect the 3 devices. His advice: bring projector + laptop to Radio Shack, they'll tell you in 30 seconds what cables you need! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

cute! i want to party now!!

FIFI LAPIN said...

I just stembled across your blog and I think its brill, I'll be back for a nosy!

tyesha said...

we did an outdoor movie party a few weeks back and man! why haven't i done this before. it is more fun than you can imagine. we showed Total Recall. Ha! it was pretty awesome.

Jackie- We just used the little speakers i bought for my ipod. They were loud enough and worked great. i think any external computer speakers would work great for a group of 10-15.

rebecca said...

i think that you should mix the taco truck party and the movie party- brilliant!

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