When I picked up the book Postmark Paris I enjoyed it throughly. It is very well done, and I hope to see more like it in the future. It is a story about a family who moves to Paris and a father introduces his daughter to the world of stamp collecting. Various stamps are shown on each page along with a clever narrative by the young girl. Definitely on my "Cool books for Vienna wish list." Check out more here.

Besides the amazing Binth baby book, (which I got to see in person this week) this 'Sweet Dreams Baby Book" is another great one I've seen on the market. Vintage Children's illustrations are used throughout, and there is great design sensibilities and a sense of nostalgia. A very budget sensitive item, you don't have to spend a lot, to have a little lovely. See more here.


allison said...

I haven't seen the Binth book in person, but I have seen the Sweet Dreams book and it's so lovely. I think it's a great gift for an expectant mom.

marta said...

Oh yes, I own that stamp book and love it so much, it is not only a sweet read but a beautiful book too. I need to set it out on my coffee table tonight!

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