Wedding Planning: Pick words then colors by Kim Screen

Since I've just been through the wedding planning thing I must share this one overall thought. I had several people ask, in our wedding planning days, what our "wedding colors" were - for the invitation, tables, etc. And even though I’m big on color, I really cringed at this question. It felt like such a surface place to start planning something so special. Steven and I had a realization early on. I’m big on color, yes. But above all, we're both big on words. And so instead of colors we picked words we hoped would represent our wedding. It’s like any design project: pick a concept first, then make it look good. For us, this approach just felt right.

So, our words?

And here’s a peek at what that meant for us:

from top to bottom: walking to our handmade driftwood tent structure on the beach in Tofino, BC – my favorite place!; for our centerpieces we used the Japanese glass balls my family beach combed in the 1960’s and I made all our menus and printed pieces; handmade driftwood signs - a favorite beach craft project; our tent structure sparkling at night; army blankets for when it got cold; polaroids on our driftwood poles; a view of our head table we made from a 250-year old reclaimed cedar tree.


Anonymous said...

I love your wedding! Thanks for sharing it!

JENNIE! said...

wow.... what a beautiful wedding. the words you picked really were a description of your day... congratulations.

christine said...

So exciting to see glimpses of your wedding, Kim! Every detail is so imaginative and delightful, as expected. xo Christine

Ellen said...

Oh no, I can't see your lovely pictures!

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Hope you can see them now! Let me know.


Hear, hear!
I'm planning my wedding & hear that all the time. It drives me nuts. Oddly enough I was planning on sharing my wedding elements - I hope you stop by to take a look.

Ten Thousand Only said...

goodness. everything looks perfect. thanks for the inspiration and for the advice.

tyesha said...

Good advice. We did they same. Ours was a tag line "Celebration, Relaxation, Everlasting Love" It really captured what we were trying to create with our wedding and the 4 days everyone spent at a retreat center with us.

beautiful wedding!

kirstin said...

I just came upon your post and blog and I just love, love your idea of a wedding. This is what my fiance and I have been talking about (we are both from Seattle). Thank you for sharing. Congratulations. ps- what did you have on the menu? Seafood?

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