Darlene Shiels

I am not quite sure how I came across Darlene Shiels work, but I really was taken by her photographs of Summer Landscapes. She lives on the eastern shores of Nova Scotia, a place that I have wanted to visit since I first saw  Ann of Green Gables . She was kind enough to offer a list of favorites so we could all get to know her a little better. Thank you Darlene, your work is lovely! 

Darlene's favs: 

PEOPLE- anyone with a good sense of humour 
THINGS- ipod, mystery audio books, good coffee, month of June, fog 
INSPIRATION- comes from a sense of fun and following whim 
MUSIC- bruce springsteen, leonard cohen, buck owens, regina spektor



Anonymous said...

So pretty!!! You should go... I went to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in high school and it is a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

So lovely.

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