There are so many talented people out there, with wonderful blogs. This past week, I decided to highlight a few of my favorites, and hope to repeat this tradition each week. Maybe I'll do 3 instead of 7? Here is a taste of a few of my favorite tid-bits from the following blogs I enjoyed last week, but really I enjoy, all the time. Check them out!

Ali Loves Curtis: Ali does a great job of writing these creative little lists, full of brilliant ideas or links to special spots. They are quirky, fun, and informative. I enjoyed this recent post about Youngna Park. What a lovely shot!

Armas Design: Michelle is a graphic designer and illustrator, who shares her observations and inspirations about art and design. Check out her etsy store full of her awesome illustrations. About a month or so ago, she made me aware of the more clean and sophisticated European collection at the Gap - (online only). Very chic.

Spray Glue: Gary, a designer/trend researcher shares hip ideas from a South African perspective. I had to do a double take when he recently posted this amazingly packaged olive oil from La Amarilla de Rona designed by Phillippe Starck. 

Fashion is Spinach: I think she states it very well on her blog, that she focuses on interesting design, quirky finds, and personal style. Gotta have a little fashion in life. Ahh Paris, this post was so fabulous.

Brilliant Asylum: Through an interior designer lens, she shares inspiring spaces to dwell, re-create and dream about. I connected with her recent posting about maps, I have always been in love with maps, and have a little collection.  This room below was designed by David H. Mitchell.

SwissMiss:  I am overwhelmed by the abundant design ideas and creativity of the swiss behind the miss.  She shares oodles and oodles of inspiration daily. I loved the book called Uncredited that she just posted that references the best sequences of opening titles.  

The Scoop: Emily and Laura tag team it up at orangebeautiful -where they make handmade books and boxes, letterpress cards and stationery etc... Through the scoop they share what they like in good taste and with a little flare. Here is Laura's living room which was entered in the recent Domino contest. Love et. 


tiffany said...

Ali loves Curtis is one of my favorite daily treats. I feel like I get to go on a virtual field trip every time I click on her site. Plus, she's incredibly sweet and nice.

I love the idea of highlighting your favorite sites!

meladoriem said...

Great post!

I love that olive oil-- it seriously tastes as good as it looks.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Thanks for the mention, and the introduction to all of these other wonderful sites. I am off to explore each of them now!

ali said...

Thank you, thank you! So fun to see my name (and my husband's) "in print" on your site. :)

Am excited to check out the others....

Exene said...

I visit swissmiss a lot too. She's my inspiration for my other blog.

love.boxes said...

I love orangebeautiful too! Great post. It's an opportunity to check out a few new ones!

be said...

ooOO i love the balloons.

Mom said...

Rachel you are extraordinary!
You resinate beauty!!!
love Mom

Mom said...

Rachel you are extraordinary!
You resinate beauty!!!
love Mom

michelle said...

Cool! thanks for liking my blog, I like yours a whole lot too! Plus, I got to learn about some blogs that I had never heard of, thanks so much.

Paper Shop ink. said...

These are great! Thanks, now I have more blogs to read. :)

Anonymous said...

any idea what are in the frame's in laura's living room? I would love to know, great decor idea.

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