Clean Slate

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a pleasant holiday. I am peeking in to tell you I am still here, just unpacking and getting back into the groove; I'll be back Monday. In the meantime, being a new year, with new beginnings, I would love to hear about your goals/resolutions for 2008. Short lists, long lists, bring 'em on. For those who don't like making resolutions/goals, someone recently told me about the idea of just picking a word to focus your energy upon, and embrace for the year. I am still thinking of my perfect word for '08. Goals are important in my life, I have made lists of yearly resolutions since I was probably about age four. How do you keep your goals alive throughout the year? Tell me your stories.


Lauren said...

I posted some resolutions on my blog. It seems to make it more binding. Also, I love to use Franklin Covey on my really helps me to keep focused on my goals.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a "focus word;" I will also be thinking of the perfect one. Some resolutoins I listed on my are:
1. Learn to sew (bc every eco-fab, girly-girl, creative guru should be able to!)
2. Eat thougtfully (instead of impulsively).
3. Bring breathtaking ideas to the bride on a budget.
There are others floating in my thinking as my children do and treating my husband like I did during the days when we first met.

Joanna Goddard said...

now and again i will make little goals throughout the year. usually just fun things i'd like to accomplish....writing more letters to my grandmother in england, learning to knit, taking little weekend day trips outside the city, having dinner parties with simple food like a big bowl of chili.

i love resolutions. although maybe that's because mine are always embarrassingly easy:)

emilyclare said...

Hello! I have loved reading your thoughts and seeing your images for some months now... I agree that having goals is important and I've listed a few of mine for the new year on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Your mention of a "focus word" has got me thinking of one! I have decided not to do any formal resolutions for the year. I have a few things I would like to accomplish but mostly I just want to finish wedding planning with time to spare and not be stressed out!

Laura Stockett Roberts said...

I do set goals, I just don't try to set too many or make them too unreasonable. For instance, as the mother of two young boys, it's probably not possible to train for and run in a marathon, become a Meals on Wheels volunteer and learn to sew in one year. I choose one big goal for the year and I make it a little more open-ended...and then I sometimes add a few extras. This past year, my big one was to go green: organic/local food as much as possible, recycle in earnest, compost, etc. I did that and we have never felt better.

I like air's idea about treating her husband like she did when they first met. Isn't that more important than taking up tennis? I also don't think joanna should say her resolutions are "embarassingly easy". In the fast-paced world we live in, it's an accomplishment to learn to knit in one year. (I'm resolving to relearn to needlepoint this year - I love all those Jonathan Adler pillows!)

The Noisy Plume said...

Ooh. Clean Slate indeed! What a lovely thought prompter you are!

1. Design and make what's really in my heart.
2. Embark on baking adventures (no more fall back's on to creme brulee and pears flambe)
3. Build a bulky patience muscle.

...there are more and more and more...a mountain of them:)

Merci, vous peu d'eiffel noir!

laura tj said...

for me this year i'd like to try to be more creative, take more photos and enjoy life. apart from that, i'm a really shy person, i'd like to work on that one and hopefully i'll meet new people and make new friends :)

Anonymous said...

Last year my 'word' was truth. This year it is gratitude. I try to concentrate on the word everyday and see what happens!
Happy New Year to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel -
In addition to a written list of resolutions {a first} I drew up my own Phrenology head {as a visual reminder}- mapping out more room in my head for the qualities I want to focus on and relegating the stuff that holds me back to little postage stamp size corners. I posted it on my blog, and have a DIY Phrenology head for folks to download and have fun with.
What's great is, I can always print out a blank one and change my mind. Happy New Year!

Sandra Evertson said...

Happy New Year to you!
Sandra Evertson

brittany said...

Welcome back! I actually haven't gotten to making my resolutions yet...when I do, I'll let you know!

Amanda Conley said...

I like goals, but mine are way more short term! (ex: 1.Get out bed, 2. Eat breakfast, etc.) One thing I do need to resolve to do this year is figure out how I did everything that I was doing last year and do it again! After all the breaks, I've forgotten how I crammed so much stuff into my day!

SeƱorita Puri said...

Hello from Spain!
Hmmm my goals:
1. To love and be loved
2. Not to be lonely ever again
3. To be happy
4. To make happy those who make me happy.
5. To go down 4 kilos (9 pounds that is) and stay that way at least 6 months. hehehe

Kisses, Senorita Puri

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