Finding Golden Nuggets by Guest Kate Endle

I work from home and I LOVE it! However, it has some downer moments. For example, my "studio" is in my front room and cutting and gluing paper can get real messy; I don't like mess. Also, holing up at home often results in me chattin' it up with the grocery store checker a little too long. So, to get out and about I have a few extra little jobs. I work at Anthropologie helping out with window display and installations. Now, if you're reading this blog you probably know all about this glorious store. Talk about inspiration! I about had a heart attack when I walked into their downtown Seattle location in 1999. I love touching all the pretty things and everything smells so good! I also discover a wide variety of amazing music that is being played throughout the store. It's been a very satisfying job for me and I'm constantly learning new tricks of the trade. I love my coworkers and they are hugely supportive of my art and freelance career. I also show my artwork there. The downtown store has a large wall that they give to local artists, which is amazing exposure. I've gotten a lot of fantastic freelance jobs this way.

I also sell exotic Japanese produce and cider for a local farmer at the farmer's markets in Seattle. I'm learning a lot about organic foods and cooking. Eating locally grown food that's in season feels like a real good thing to do. This job is super social, super fun, and I get to spend time outside breathing fresh Northwest air. Ahhhh.....

Both of these jobs provide me with things that my freelance/artist job can not. Both jobs also allow me to make my own schedule, which is critical to the life of a freelancer. Sometimes, as an artist, the "other" job is a real drag. My advice to artists that are struggling with the "other" job is to breathe through it and know that there are golden nuggets scattered throughout these kind of experiences. Sometimes, it takes a LONG time for these golden nuggets to make themselves visible and sometimes you have to sift through a lot of murky muck. But when you find those glittery nuggets of goodness, it's glorious.


Anonymous said...

That is so true.....I work as a waitress and I receive 'nuggets' almost daily. From the people I meet and the connections I make, to the ideas I get for my photography. Everything we do in life is an experience, good or bad, to learn from.
So here's to the nuggets!!!!

Michelle said...

What a great post, and it could not have come at a better time. I am so at the chat up every living soul stage b/c I don't have any other jobs right now, just working in my studio all day long! alone! That is why I started blogging actually, it is a real help. You totally inspired me to go and look for something small to do on the side, I have been thinking about that, but wondering if I could afford the time, it just seems that there isn't enough, but I guess it will all get done, it always does.
Have a great weekend :)

Uncle Beefy said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Kate. I've done the string of sometimes jobs for a good long while. Some good, some not so good. But the nuggets of which you speak...ah yes...they can be glorious! But it's always good to be reminded that they're out there. :)

What is it they say...the more difficult it is to pick the fruit, the sweeter it tastes.


love.boxes said...

Great post. Michelle makes a good point here too. I love the blogs because it eases the all by myself in the studio all day and also its so inspiring to see what all the artsy folks are up to.

Sarah said...

So utterly jealous. Do you mind me asking how you got your job doing the windows at Anthro? I would love to freelance something like that!

Kate Endle said...

Hey Sarah,

My Anthro position is a bit tricky. It's not a formal postition offered by the company. The location I work for can offer me a few hours a week helping out the visual team, but all the other locations have different needs. When I first started working for them, I was working on the sales floor as a sales associate. Over the years, my position has evolved to where I am now.
Does that make sense? If not, feel free to contact me and we can chat more about it

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